Drips, Drops & Illusions

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Two-Day Workshop

Join us in a two-day workshop to learn to the basics of splash photography. During the workshop, you’ll learn the basics of using strobes (off-camera flashes) in combination with macro photography to create stunning images with items found in your house.

Saturday, January 25th (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) – Capturing Amazing Images!

Sunday, January 26th (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM) – Editing/Printing Your Amazing Images!

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January 25th & 26th (Sat. & Sun)


Join us in a two-day workshop to learn to the basics of splash photography.

During the day learn the basics of using strobes (off-camera flashes) in combination with macro photography to create stunning images with items found in your house.  After seeing the various methods demonstrated, you will also put what you learned to practice and begin to create Drips, Drops & Illusion photographs during the workshop. There will be four stations at which you can put into practice what has been demonstrated.


  • Students need to have completed Photo 2 or have permission from the instructor to take the class.
  • Students need to have a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Other useful but not required equipment:

  • Tripod
  • Cable Shutter Release
  • Macro Lens, extension tube or magnification filter


Class Info

Class Length

2 Days

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday 9am – 12pm




Photo II



detachable flash unit

the ability to fire the flash off-camera

Other Class Info

Useful: Tripod, Cable Shutter Release, Macro Lens, extension tube or magnification filter


Nick Sinnott

9 reviews for Drips, Drops & Illusions

  1. Holly Wessol

    What do I love about this school? Hands down it is the instructors and the dedication to making sure you learn at your pace and skill level.

    I started getting serious about photography a year ago this month. The accelerated growth I have experienced is completely unexpected. My friends and family tell me my photos should be in National Geographic – quite the exaggerated compliment for an amateur!

    How did I get there? Taking classes here!

    This workshop unpacked how to create images that are seemingly impossible. Nick guided us through his Macguyvered/Frankensteined dripping, dropping, splashing machines and opened our eyes to the beautiful world of macro photography. The amount of ‘oohing and aahing’ heard was a testament to Nick and his unassailable ability to teach. He simply goes above and beyond every single time.

  2. Thomas Atkinson

    Absolutely loved this weekend workshop! Tons of fun and you will get some great shots that you didn’t think you’d ever take yourself!

  3. David Ehrmann

    This was my first class at Chicago Photography Classes, but it will not be my last. The workshop was terrific. Nick and his colleagues are outstanding. They are clearly highly skilled teachers and made the class both fun and instructive. I learned an enormous amount about this type of photography. If I could give the workshop 10 stars, I would!

  4. Jean-Philippe Thierry

    This is my second weekend workshop at the school and for sure not the last. I was excited about drips and drops the day I came to know such a workshop existed. You won’t be disappointed: it’s a blast charged up with great tricks to do some at home and fun stations that most of us won’t mess up with at home.

    Thanks Nick for putting this together!

  5. Annette Nieves

    I highly recommend this class!
    I consider myself a lifetime learner and this class has been on my bucket list a long time. I finally had the opportunity to attend this 2-day workshop last weekend and there was so much excitement in the air. The time and energy put into this class by the staff was outstanding. But nothing was more exciting than that moment when that one amazing drip, drop or illusion was caught in camera. It was totally the WOW factor.

    The 2 days few by. Nick’s enthusiastic energy was carried on through his staff of helpers. The likes of Neale, Danny and Paul really helped the student along the way and they also looked to be having fun right along with us .
    Again amazing workshop and instructors.

  6. Jeanie Hangartner

    As always Nick and his colleagues provided the best workshop and learning opportunity. I’ve loved all the classes and workshops at Chicago Photography!!

  7. Lynda Glass

    This was so much fun! Of course the goal is to leave the workshop with fabulous images (and you do) but you really have fun while shooting. Also if you have taken other classes like Photo I, II and III you see the thread of learning in making these images, composition, the exposure triangle, patience. Thanks Nick, Danny and Neale.

  8. Steven Jungerwirth

    In one word – AMAZING.

    I attended this 8 hour class on March 7, 2018. Fantastic learning experience and we each got some great pictures. Nick is a superb teacher – explains complex topics in a manner everyone can understand. He kept a high energy level throughout the day – worked hard to be sure we each experienced many different types of photography. I left motivated to explore drips and high speed flash. Highly recommend! Steven Jungerwirth

    • Nick Sinnott

      We are happy that you enjoyed your day experimenting with high-speed splash photography. Thank you for the comments!

  9. Lynette Amato

    WOW!! This was the most FUN I have had in a long time. Nick guided each of us through the process of “the drop” and “the drip”. I captured some pretty cool pictures as well as having a blast working with the group to create their “drops”. The day moved fast, the pictures were surprisingly easy to take. Cannot recommend this class enough!!!

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