We have trained the deadliest warriors to ever defend "Old Glory".

Firearms training with a retired us navy seal

Why You Should Trust Charlie to Teach Yo To Shoot!

Charlie has taught some of the worlds deadliest warriors the art of long range shooting.  After a 23 year as a US Navy Seal and serving as Lead Chief Petty Officer of Sniper School, he brought his wealth of shooting knowledge and started offering various firearms courses. 

When not teaching courses he works with the team at CMP to the most accurate rifles for long range shooting.

By just spending a few hours with Charlie you will learn more about long range shooting than ever imaganable.  And age doesn’t matter, he has even helped little ones as young as 8 years old accurately shoot a 6.5 creedmoor.  Charlies goal is to help everyone become a responsible, effective shooter.

Live Courses
Pistol | Carbine | Long Range

Long Gun Course

Our Long Range Course will teach you how to shoot a sub-minute grouping from 100-1000 yards

“Charlie is one of the best shooters I know. I’ve seen him teach, operate, and I have walked through the bowels of Hell with him in combat. He is our definition of what the SEAL Ethos describes. Solid Operator and Brother.” -Marcus Luttrell, Team Never Quit

Carbine Course

Our Carbine Course will teach you to safely shoot, move and accurately engage targets 5-300 yards.

“Charlie Melton runs Charlie Mike Precision like he ran SEAL sniper school. He teaches the best long range course I’ve ever experienced. He has honed my skills as a Navy SEAL, hunter, outdoorsman and long-range shooter. My .308 is doped in to 1000 yards and doesn’t miss a target because of him. If you want to shoot long range and be trained by the best I highly recommend Charlie Mike Precision for all shooters and gun enthusiasts.com” – Ron Bellan, Reaper 01, US Navy Seal Retired

Pistol Course

Our Pistol Course will teach you to safely draw your weapon from a holster or concealed carry, shoot, move and accurately engage targets 5-15 yards.

Can't Make a Live Course! No Problem

Now nothing is as good as training with us in person, but we know some people just don’t have the ability to do that.  So we have turned our Long Range Rifle course into an online course.

What You Will Learn:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Core Principles of Marksmanship
  • How to correctly set up your rifle
  • Environmental effects on shooting
  • How to choose the right ammo and equipment
  • And more!

Custom Firearms

No matter rifle wants, the team over at CMP can custom build you a firearm to meet your needs.  And if you ask nicely you might even get Charlie to sight it in for you.

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